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Contacting Us

While we invite your inquiries regarding our services and general information as it pertains to items you may have in your possession, please note, we will not provide a specific appraisal, authentication, pricing information or complete evaluation on any item, unless we have been contracted to serve as your exclusive broker for that item.

If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to carefully read over the information provided on our Brokerage Services page. It may save us all valuable time by helping you determine if the services we offer and the standards we maintain are a fit for you or not. We've built a very loyal base of buyers and sellers who trust us and depend upon our expertise, discretion, confidentiality and integrity. We intend to maintain their trust. We want to be sure anyone considering using our services is clear from the beginning about what we feel to be very reasonable, professional "ground rules." They're not complicated and will give you the chance to see how what we offer has many advantages to you, especially from a financial point of view.


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Easy Steps To Getting Started

Before contacting us, please take a moment to read these easy steps regarding the type of information we need. You'll find a list of the various ways to contact us at the bottom of this page.

  1. It's very helpful for us to have whatever you know about the details and history (also called "provenance") of your piece or pieces. This helps us do research into value, and generally helps both of us in the end. If you don't know anything about it other than how it came into your possession, that's fine. We can work with whatever we're given.

  2. We need you to send us clear photographs of your item(s).

  3. For digital images (preferred) please send in .jpg format. Please send these as single attachments. Please don't send any one email that is larger than 4-5 MB total.

  4. For hardcopy images (e.g., 35mm), please be sure to note your name on the reverse side of each. Please send only duplicates (Fine Art Investments will not be responsible for photographs lost in transit).

  5. When in doubt, take more photos rather than less. And please be sure they're in focus.

  6. When possible, these photos should be taken in outdoor, natural light. If not possible, take the photos in a well lit room, and do the best you can to avoid "flash-backs." Please include a full photo of the entire piece. (See example to the right.)

  7. If the item in question is a painting, one or two full photos of the whole painting are fine; the frame is usually not that important. We'll also need a close-up of the signature and date (if signed and dated), any detail in a close-up shot if possible (faces, animals, children, or any other detailed section) and one photo of the back if the stretcher and canvas show. If the canvas and stretcher do not show (i.e., they're covered by brown paper, etc.) we can wait to see anything that might be on the back. If there's a label, gallery sticker, or writing on the back of the frame, stretcher or canvas, be sure to photograph that please.

  8. If the item is a Tiffany style lamp, we need very clear photos of the lamp base separately (if it is a desk, floor or table lamp) without the shade. We'll also need a full close up shot of the entire shade (both lighted and unlighted is preferred, if you can) showing a clear detail of the inside and the outside glass, so we can see the glass, how it's fitted, the types of glass, the soldering, etc. If the shade is not the leaded type, an inside shot is still of benefit. Signatures on leaded shades (see example in the bottom photo to the right) if they are signed, will be along the inside bottom rim of the shade. They can be very hard to see, so don't be discouraged if you can't find a signature, especially if it has a base and the base is signed. We also need the measurements of the base (height) and the diameter of the shade at the widest point across the bottom rim. If the (underneath) bottom of the base is signed, please tell us what it says, along with any numbers. If it's a Tiffany base, it should be stamped (impressed into the bronze base) with the "TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK" name usually, (some variations exist), and it will also have a number (see photo examples on the right). In good light, using a zoom lens, many people can get a good digital photo of the signature (see close-up photo example to the right). Never try to clean the base with anything but a light duster or dry cloth, very gently.

  9. On Tiffany art glass pieces, (large bowls, vases, etc.) we'll need a clear photo of the entire piece, and if it has a design variation, 2-3 photos showing us the different patterns in the glass. Please include the height of the piece in inches and the diameter at the widest point. Signatures on these pieces can be on the bottom or on the inside of the top rim or edge, or both. They usually look "etched," as if done with an "electric engraving pencil." Again, outside natural daylight photos will enable us to assess your item much more accurately. If you can get a clear photograph of any numbers or of the signature on the bottom or the inner or outer rim edge, that would be very helpful.
    Note: There are many old and new high quality reproductions and fakes around of Tiffany lamps and Tiffany art glass—some of them are so good they can fool dealers and collectors alike. These have been made for more than 45 years, and continue to be made. This is why seeing good clear photos and also the signatures is very important.
  10. Please include your contact information: email, and preferably a phone number or two where you can be reached day or evening should we need to discuss your inquiry with you, or ask a question if we need more information about your description and photographed item(s).
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Contact Information

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Please leave a message or send an email if we happen to miss your call. We return all emails and phone calls promptly within the hours stated on this page.
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All images on this site are merely representative examples of the quality and styles of old Tiffany lamps, art glass, art work, and other fine items we are seeking on behalf of our buyers, or which we may have evaluated or brokered on behalf of our clients.

Fine Art Investments150 S. Prairie View Dr. Unit 401 - West Des Moines, IA 50266515-226-0606
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