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We Are Professional Antique Tiffany Lamp and Fine Art Brokers

Our experience is comprised of over 40 years in the business of professionally evaluating, authenticating and brokering: fine art, antique Tiffany lamps, and antique Tiffany art glass. We are Private Brokers, NOT auctioneers or dealers. We do not purchase items outright or maintain our own inventory of items for sale. Nor do we offer items at public auction.

We can assure you of a professional and discreet sale, with no commissions or seller's fees to you!

Fine Art Investments' main purpose is to act as a private fine art broker, and to help anyone who needs help in selling authentic, antique Tiffany lamps and major American and European original paintings by major artists. We are antique Tiffany lamp experts, and have over 40 years experience in evaluating and authenticating genuine Tiffany Studios lamps, which would include: antique Tiffany table lamps, antique Tiffany desk lamps, genuine Tiffany Studios floor lamps and original Tiffany hanging shades. We are Tiffany lamp appraisers as well, since that is part of the process in helping you get the best price for your original, authentic Tiffany lamp.


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Likewise, we are experts in dealing with antique, original American oil paintings and antique, original European oil paintings by major listed artists. We have over 40 years experience as fine art appraisers and fine art brokers. We will act as your antique American or European paintings expert, appraiser and broker. We are not fine art dealers, and because of our low overhead we can sell your antique Tiffany lamps or your antique American oil painting and get you a top price with no cost to you. We will guarantee you a sale and a price in writing in advance. If you have a genuine Tiffany lamp, or an antique Tiffany lamp you believe to be an authentic Tiffany Studios lamp, give us a call or send us clear digital photos. See the "Lamp Evaluation" form and fill it out. It is quick and easy.

The "Buyer Pays All The Fees" Approach

The largest costs to the seller/owner when selling at auction, through a dealer, or gallery are the "fees and commissions" they must pay to the dealer/agent for selling their item(s). Most of these places either directly or indirectly charge both the buyer and seller when an item sells. We don't. Our philosophy is simple: since all buyers would have to pay a commission if they bought at any major auction house, or indirectly pay more if they bought through a consignment gallery or a dealer, we might as well charge them a "finder's fee" and put none of the costs or commissions onto the seller/owner. It makes perfect sense to us, and we hope it does to you as well.

For more detailed information about our "Buyer Pays All The Fees" approach, please see our Brokerage Services page.

Our Services are Available Nationwide

Your location doesn't matter at all, we work with clients from all across the United States. If you have the quality, authentic items our buyers desire, we'll do what's needed to broker them for you in a professional, confidential and timely manner. Our private buyers/collectors consistently pay the best prices. See our individual pages devoted specifically to American and European Artwork, Tiffany Lamps and Art Glass, as well as Bronzes for examples of the quality and types of items we wish to broker, and what we're currently seeking.

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For questions regarding a specific item, please use either the Artwork Form or Tiffany Lamp Form.

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REGARDING ARTWORK: We only broker original art in the form of paintings, watercolors and pastels done by major artists from ca.1600 - 1965. We do not broker any form of limited edition or mass produced print or numbered edition prints. See our "Home Page" for artists names or Google them to see if they are known artists. We do not broker any unsigned art.

Our Buyers Are Currently Seeking:


For questions regarding a specific item in your possession, please take a minute to complete our short online Artwork Evaluation & Information Form or Lamp Evaluation & Information Form. These forms will provide us with the type of information we need to better assess what you have, and do our best to evaluate its potential for interest to our buyers. Just click below on the appropriate bar.

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If you feel what you have might be of interest to our buyers, please feel free to contact us (see "Easy Steps To Getting Started" on the Contacting Us page or call us toll-free at 515-226-0606). If we agree with you, we'll do all the research and promotion, at no charge to you. We often find some of the best pieces for our buyers from people who have inherited things, or are simply not collectors and don't realize the potential value of what they have until they contact us.


Our Private Tiffany Collectors Are Always Ready To Buy

We have an established list of private Tiffany collectors seeking to buy signed, authentic, antique Tiffany lamps of any size and style, in excellent condition or with minimal damage only, including: Tiffany hanging shades, Tiffany table lamps, Tiffany floor lamps (dome or leaded shade--any size), Tiffany desk lamps, Tiffany chandeliers, wall sconces, individual authentic signed Tiffany bronze lamp bases (must be signed and numbered on the bottom of the base), and authentic signed Tiffany lamp shades (in very good to excellent condition or with minimal damage only).

For more detailed information about antique Tiffany Lamps, and our antique Tiffany Lamp Brokerage Services,
we invite you to visit our sister site at:

We Currently Have Buyers Seeking Original Paintings By Noted California Artists Such As

John Baldessari, Dana Bartlett, Elmer Bischoff, Edward Borein, Maurice Braun, Ernie Briggs, William Clapp, Alson Clark, Richard Diebenkorn, Maynard Dixon, Sam Francis, August Gay, Seldon Gile, Ralph Goings, Armen Hansen, Paul J. Wonner, Tenney Johnson, William Keith, James Kelly, John M. Gamble, Arthur Mathews, Alfred Mitchell, Bruce Nelson, David Park, Edgar Payne, Hanson Puthuff, Charles R. Peters, Gandville Redmond, Guy Rose, Ed Ruscha, Will Sparks, Ralph Stackpole, Clyfford Still, Wayne Thiebaud, Jack W. Smith, Charles W. Stetson, Marion Wachtel, William Wendt

We Have Many Buyers For Signed Original Paintings By American Artists Such As

Wm. Adam, C.P. Adams, W.E. Adams, R.I. Aitkin, J.W. Alexander, K. Anderson, F. Avery, M. Avery, W. Baird, E.M. Bannister, J. Bard, J.D. Barrow, D. Bartlett, G. Beal, D. Beck, G. Bellows, E. Benson, F. Benson, T.H. Benton, O. Berninghaus, J. Berthelsen, L. Betts, G.C. Bingham, T. Birch, E. Bischoff, R.A. Blakelock, F.M. Boggs, E. Borein, C.O. Borg, J. Boston, J. Botke, G.N. Bowers, W. Bradford, M. Brady, G. Brandriff, E. Briggs, M. Braun, A. Bremer, A.T. Bricher, B. Browne, J.A. Brown, J.G. Brown, K. Buehr, C.E. Burchfield, N. Bush, T.E. Butler, A. Calder, E. Carlsen, J.W. Casilear, G. Catlin, J.W. Champney, G. Chann, W. Clapp, A. Clark, W. Clark, T. Cole, C.C. Cooper, E. Corbett, E.L. Cortes, B. Crane, C. Curran, A.B. Davies, R.T.Davis, S. Davis, M. Dawson, R. DeForest, P. DeLongpre, E. Deakin, L. Dessar, C.M. Dewey, T. Dewing, R. Diebenkorn, M. Dixon, A. Dove, R. Dunning, T. Eakins, W.H. Emory, T. Enneking, H. Farny, H.C. Ford, E.C. Fortune, B. Foster, S. Francis, C. Fries, F. Frieseke, A. Friedman, J. Frost, G. Fuller, J.M. Gamble, D. Garber, August Gay, E. Gay, S. Gerry, S. Gifford, S. Gile, W. Glackens, A. Gorky, G. Grant, J.J. Grant, M. Graves, H.P. Gray, P. Gray, W. Griffith, C. Gruppe, J. Haberle, W. Hahn, P.L. Hale, A. Hansen, C. Hassam, H. Hawley, M. Heade, A. Heming, R. Henri, A. Herter, H. Herzog, T. Hill, C. Hinkle, M. Hopkins, E. Hopper, J. Howard, W.M. Hubbard, T. Hunt, W. Hunt, L. Icart, G. Inness, W. Irvine, R. Irwin, W. Jewett, W. Judson, C. Ives, D. Johnson, H. Jones, C.S. Kaelin, M. Kantor, E. Karlin, C. Kauba, F. Kaufmann, W. Keith, J. Kelly, W. Kendall, J. Kensett, J. Kleitsch, D.R. Knight, J. Knox, F.W. Kost, A. Krehbiel, L. Kroll, M. Kuehne, Y. Kuniyoshi, L.D.S. Ladd, G. Lambdin, W.L. Lathrop, L. Latimer, E. Lawson, E. Leavitt, R.H. Lever, F. Lobdell, M. Logan, G. Luks, J. Mannheim, J. Mansfield, J. Marin, R. Marsh, E. Moran, F. Martin, L. Martin, A. Mathews, A. Maurer, W. McCloskey, L. Meakin, W. Metcalf, A.R. Mitchell, T. Moran, R. Motherwell, H. Murphy, C. Nahl, E. Narjot, B. Nelson, J. Newell, H. Nichols, J.L. Noyes, G. Otis, D. Park, M. Parrish, A. Parsons, A. Parton, H.A. Patterson, W.M. Paxton, E. Payne, C.S. Pearce, J. Pennell, H. Percy, J. Peto, W. Picknell, W.M. Post, E. Potthast, M. Prendergast, C.S. Price, H. Puthuff, H. Ranger, M. Ramos, M. Ramsey, W.T. Ranney, J. Raphael, C.P. Ream, E.W. Redfield, G. Redmond, R. Reid, C. Reiffel, W.T. Richards, A. Rider, W.F. Ritschel, L. Ritter, C. Robinson, Norman Rockwell, Guy Rose, H. Roseland, E. Ruscha, C. Russell, C.H. Ryder, J.S. Sargent, W. Schofield, L. Scott, J. Sharp, E. Shinn, G.H. Smillie, E.B.Smith, Hassel Smith, J.W.Smith, W.G. Smith, W.L. Sonntag, E. Speicher, J. Stella, M. Sterne, C. Still, S. Strauser, J. Strong, G.G.Symons, J. Tavernier, A. Thayer, W. Thiebaud, L.C. Tiffany, M. Tobey, N. Trotter, J. Twachtman, W. Ufer, C. Ulrich, E. Vedder, R. Vonnah, C. Voorhees, E. Wachtel, M. Wachtel, W. Walcott, Andy Warhol, F. Waugh, M. Weber, J. Weeks, J. Weir, W. Wendt, G. Wiggins, P. Wonner, G. Wood, T. Wores, D. Wyman, R. Yelland.

We Also Have Buyers For European Paintings By Artists Such As

Altdorfer, Bacon, Berruguete, de Bloot, Bloemaert, Boccati, Bontemps, Bosch, Botticelli, Boucher, Boudin, Braque, Bruegel (family), Callot, Caravaggio, Castillo, Ceruti, Cezanne, Chardin, Clouet, Copley, Corot, Cotman, Cranach, Crome, da Vinci, David, Degas, Dolci, Donatello, Drost, J. Duncan, Dupuys, van Dyck, Erhart, van Eyck, Falcone, Floris, Fouquet, Fragonard, Gaddi (family), Gainsborough, Garnier, Gauguin, Gossart, Goya, van Goyen, El Greco, Guercino, Heem (family), Herring, Hilliard, D. Hockney, Holbein (family), Horemans, W. Hunt, Iverny, Lorrain, Kandinsky, Kauffmann, Kneller, La Tour, Lamberti, Landseer, Lastman, Le Brun, Lely, Lievens, Lotto, van Lucas, Maderno, Magritte, Manet, Mantegna, Matisse, Mignard, Mignon, Millet, Monet, Mostaert, Murillo, Ostade (family), Ostendorfer, Pannini, Patinir, Picasso, Pissaro, Pollock, Poussin, Puget, Raeburn, Ramsay, Raffael, Rauschenberg, Renoir, Ribera, Romney, Rosetti, Rothko, Rousseau, Rubens, van Ryck, Snyders, Spranger, Steen, Stubbs, Tadema, Teniers (family), Tiepolo (family), Tintoretto, Titian, Tournier, Vel痙quez, van Cleve, van Gogh, van Haarlem, van Leyden, van Ruysdael, van Utrecht, van de Velde (family), van Hemessen, van Reymerswaele, Vermeer, Vernet, Veronese, Vignon, Villard, de Vries, Vroom, Watteau (family), West, R. Wilson, Wouwerman, Zurburan.

And Other Artists Too Numerous To Mention


All images on this site are merely representative examples of the quality and styles of old Tiffany lamps, art glass, art work, and other fine items we are seeking on behalf of our buyers, or which we may have evaluated or brokered on behalf of our clients.

Fine Art Investments150 S. Prairie View Dr. Unit 401 - West Des Moines, IA 50266515-226-0606
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